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Iowa Orthopaedic Surgeon, Stuart L. Weinstein, MD,
Honored for Leadership and Advocating for
Patient-Centered Care

San Diego, Calif. — The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) presented the 2011 Tipton Leadership Award to Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, of Iowa City, Iowa, during an awards ceremony at its 2011 Annual Meeting. The Tipton Leadership Award recognizes members of the Academy who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities that have led to benefits for the orthopaedic community, patients and/or the American public.

“I’m honored and flattered to be nominated by my Iowa Orthopaedic Society (IOS) colleagues,” said Dr. Weinstein. “I knew and worked with Bill Tipton, MD, [the namesake of the award] from the time he started working with the Academy, through his retirement. He was a good friend. We worked on many leadership projects together, so it’s particularly meaningful.”

Dr. Weinstein, Ignacio V. Ponseti Chair and professor of orthopaedic surgery at The University of Iowa, has mentored many orthopaedic surgeons at the beginning of their careers. “Dr. Weinstein epitomizes the consummate educator, leader, and role model. He is my one mentor that stands out above all others and has had a large impact upon my decision to go forward into orthopaedics,” said Dr. Matthew Weresh, president of the Iowa Orthopaedic Society (IOS).

According to his IOS colleagues, Dr. Weinstein’s commitment to patients is evidenced by his dedicated leadership in enhancing patient care. During his AAOS presidency in 2005, he created a team to address issues related to care for patients with emergent orthopaedic and medical problems, and helped establish the Academy’s Patient-Centered Care program. “I was and always will be an advocate for patient-centered care because I think that’s our responsibility as a profession. Our lives are dedicated to taking care of patients,” said Dr. Weinstein. “The goal is to improve the quality of care we provide, with patients always as our partners. We help them navigate a very complex decision making process, and that’s a critical role we play as healthcare professionals.”

Dr. Weinstein continuously demonstrates his leadership skills and promotes the importance of advocacy in orthopaedics as chair of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Political Action Committee and former chair of a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group called Doctors for Medical Liability Reform. He was chair of the U.S. Bone and Joint Decade and also served as an ambassador for the International Bone and Joint Decade to help raise awareness of the growing burden of musculoskeletal disorders on society.

“Even though being a physician already is tremendously rewarding, by being involved and trying to make your profession, your hospital and even your community better, it all leads to a richer and more fulfilling life,” said Dr. Weinstein.


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