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2009 Annual Meeting
Media Briefing Schedule

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WEDNESDAY, 2/25/09 THURSDAY, 2/26/09
9:00AM 9:00AM
Obesity: A Musculoskeletal Nightmare Battling Blood Clots and Deciphering DVT Prophylaxis: What the Patient Needs to Know
Staying One Step Ahead of Osteoporosis
10:45AM 10:45AM
Mastering the ACL and Other Sports Injuries Handling the Hand: New Treatments and Procedures for Hand and Wrist Pain
11:30AM 11:30AM
The AAOS Top 10 List of Pediatric Surgical Emergencies AAOS Releases New O/A of the Knee Guidelines
These briefings are open to the media and all AAOS members, staff and registered guests. The briefings will feature several orthopaedic surgeons and other medical professionals who will present an overview of the posters, scientific exhibits and studies they will be delivering in full during the 2009 Annual Meeting. The briefings will take place in the Media Briefing Room in the Venetian Hotel, Level One, Room 904.
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